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Jefferson Winter Market

Hosting the Winter Market on April 16th 2015

The New Sustainable Business Center is nearing completion. Not only will you appreciate the aesthetic nature of our building, you’ll also see our concern for livable working space with the day lighting spine, atrium area, photo voltaic cells and choice of building material. A few not so obvious details: R-62 insulation rating in all the ceilings, geo-thermal cooling from the lower level, state-of-the-art restroom equipment to minimize water usage, recycled water for atrium plants, high quality fixtures and materials to reduce the cost of maintenance and provide relaxing break areas for all the tenants. That means – all electricity (some is even produced by our own photo voltaic system), all heat, all common area maintenance, all bathroom needs, sidewalk and parking care are all provided at no extra monthly fees. Bring your ideas and great attitude. Our staff waits to welcome you and make you sustainable!

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